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[015]: Ready to Assemble!

Episode Summary

From the 1st time Voltron is formed to the not-so-coincidental visit from Prince Bocar, Marc and Mike review Episodes 4-8 of the Original Voltron: Defender of the Universe Lion Force Series. This covers an important story arc, where the Voltron Force loses Sven and gains Princess Allura as the new pilot of Blue Lion.

Episode Notes

The Original Voltron: Defender of the Universe TV Episodes are reviewed once more in this episode of Let’s Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast. In this episode, Marc and Mike finish reviewing V:DotU, Episode 4: The Missing Key, where Voltron forms for the 1st time. Then, we continue reviewing episodes up to and including Episode 8: The Stolen Lion.

Before Marc and Mike talk about the episodes, Mike lets us know that the first wave of Toynami 30th Anniversary Voltron Pre-Orders have shipped, and Marc gives an account of receiving it and opening it with his son, Lucas. This really is a great Collectors Set to own, and whether you preserve it as a collectible or take it out of the box and play with it (which we recommend!), you will marvel at the quality of the craftsmanship that George Sohn and everyone at Toynami have put into this 30th Anniversary Die-Cast Voltron.

If you still haven’t ordered one yet, here is a link to it at the Voltron Store.

Mike also reports that Issue #3 of the Robotech/Voltron Crossover Comic Series has been released, and WEP is offering a 3-issue bundle.

If you recall, Marc and Mike stopped reviewing Episode 4: The Missing Key in Podcast Episode #6 (We’re Space Explorers) just before the Voltron Force formed Voltron for the 1st time. So, this podcast episode covers the following episodes (Beast King GoLion episode titles in parenthesis):

Listen as we discuss the precarious situation of the Voltron Force’s struggle to defend Arus with Voltron, only to lose one of their own, and have the Princess step up to join the team. This story arc has many key elements that carry the series forward and establishes precedents for future episodes.

Marc closes out the episode with a special announcement for next week’s episode of the podcast:

Franklin Cofod, the Director, Producer, and Showrunner for the Original Voltron Series run from 1984-1986, will be our special guest for an extended interview that will cover a wealth of Voltron information that you will hear NOWHERE else. This will cover the next 2 episodes of the podcast.

So, what have you always wanted to know about the original series that is still unknown? What questions do you have for Franklin Cofod? You have until Monday, May 12, at 6 PM EDT to get your questions in. Respond in the comments on this notes page, or call 860-4MULLET and leave a voicemail question, or send us an email at letsvoltronpodcast@gmail.com.

Be a part of one of the most comprehensive interviews you will ever hear about Voltron! Send us your questions NOW!

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